Some Important Correspondences-Part One

Part One: Numerology

These are some correspondences that will add another layer of understanding to the Qabalistic spheres.

The spheres are numbered 1-10
A little numerology to support the sphere’s energies…

0 –  Cycles, void, the limitless ALL, womb of creation and the Gate of the Divine
1 –  The singular “I”, the individual, the line of continuum, energy held and gathered back to itself
2 –  Collaborative effort- moving beyond the “I” to “we”- duality and polarity that results
3 – The point of trinity or third that is created from the friction and combined effort of the two
4 –  Opening the point of support to a place of foundation, equanimity and force in a balanced state
5 –  The shield whose tip may be directed by Will to disrupt, change and set in motion
6 –  Doubled trinity, intersecting energies of descent and ascent, mirrored image of creative product
7 – Carrying forward the lessons learned, the paths taken and the reconvening of the triune
8 – The lemniscate, foundation (4) uplifted to become the container, receipt and release
9 – Threshold /gate to endings and completion with potential for new fully in-formed beginnings

and, the 10 sphere of Malkuth?
1 (the individualized individual) and 0 (the limitless all of the Divine)

Stay Tuned for Part Two: Color

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