The Four Worlds

The Four Worlds of Expression

There are four realms (worlds) of existence within which the Tree of Life is contained. Each world emanates one to the other; from the highest and most refined energy at the place of Atziluth to the densest realm in Assiah. The Four Worlds describe the creative process and each has a section of the Tree contained within its individual realms. Concurrently, as in all viable esoteric systems, the entirety of the Tree itself is also contained simultaneously within each of the worlds. Thus, each sphere exists in All Four Worlds.

World of Archetypes
World of Origin (FIRE)

The Spiritual World. Home to the energies of the Gods/Goddesses. This is the place of the creative urge of Deity to move beyond itself and make manifest something more. This is the place of the un-knowable and un-nameable Source of All. The realm of causes and the home of the Divine names reside here.

Creative/ Archangelic World
The World of Creation (WATER)

The Soul/or Higher SELF is expressed here. The Archangels reside in this world. This is the realm of Ideas of the highest order. This is the Idea of the manifest world before it is actually brought into being. This is also the world through which the initial study of Qabalah is often begun. Briatic colors are the standard designation for the spheres and it is through this world that clarity and greater communication between man and the Higher Self are realized and acted upon.

Astral/Angelic World
The World of Formation (AIR)

The Mental Plane. This is the stuff of the Astral and as such is the world of formation. The place of the collective unconscious and Anima Mundi (world soul). This is the realm where specific forms are created. The Angels of the Qabalah reside here.

Active/Material World
World of Manifestation (EARTH)

The Physical World. Planetary and Elemental energies are assigned at this level. This is the world in which we feel most comfortable and can identify with the energies most clearly, although we probably know the least about the hidden nature of this world in terms of actual working knowledge. This is the place of knowing “oneself”.

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