Welcome to Qabalistic Journeys…

Welcome to Qabalistic Journeys! Many years ago I wrote an online course entitled A Year Within the Tree of Life. I revamped my website and that course was archived and  used later a the basis for my books, Poetry of the Spheres and Awakening the Paths.

As a result of the books and extensive teaching that I do about the Hermetic Qabalah, I have received several requests lately for a return of those online studies. So, here we go with a blog dedicated specifically to that!

I’ll be posting every couple of weeks and offering a variety of information that includes theory, practical application, meditations, new ways of working with this multi-faceted discipline and more. This is a journey that will enrich every aspect of your life and the new paths created from those first steps of intention to bring this Tree to life within are those that will take root as you aspire to growing your spiritual practice.

Blessings on this new journey…..

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